I live in New York and I’m a graphic arts production man with a research and writing background.

I’ve made a living doing everything from word processing/typesetting or formatting copy for all kinds of publications; books; magazines; journals; periodicals; you name it, to digital printing and making large format graphics for marketing and advertising. These days I earn a daily bread doing mostly digital printing. Aside from supporting my favorite soccer teams, during my free time I write and gobble up all I can about self-publishing.

I’ve always to some extent been involved with the printed word, either through reading and writing, or production. I started off writing for my community college newspaper. I also worked in our newsroom, formatting and putting the galleys of type and photographs together so we could produce the paper. I then wrote as an intern for a chain of local community newspapers in Brooklyn.

I got further into the graphic arts production side of things when I was studying for my four-year college degree. I continued to work at that school’s newspaper too, doing layout. Later I got into photography and then video.

For that matter, it is an environmental documentary project I began working on that rekindled my interest in creative writing. More about that work in progress, provided anyone is interested, later. At this point I’ll only add, it was the impetus for my creating Nyeusi, the Necropolis’ anti-hero or antagonist.

Regarding the Necropolis series: It is not my first foray into creative writing, in particular, novels. People who are into print journalism tend to write more than just hard news. If they got a degree in that field, chances are they’ve taken courses doing other types of writing too. Many go so far as to dabble in or pursue creative writing. I am one of them.

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By my mid twenties, I’d written around six novels. However, I felt they weren’t good enough to make any money with. I thought my writing was not up to par, and I was never going to make it pursuing a career or make any money as a writer.

I gave up.

Today those books are sitting in a closet on old school 3.5 inch floppy disks, never to see the light of any word processing application program again.

I did not give up reading though. Little did I know by putting the keyboard down, and reading a whole lot more, I was inadvertently and subconsciously improving my skillset. Or, that’s the conclusion I reached when in my late forties, I began writing the Necropolis series. I was surprised after reading what I’d put together for the first book. Very surprised. I felt I’d improved a ton compared to back when I first started.

It was an eureka kind of moment. Up to that point, I felt I did not have a good or good enough grasp of doing pretty much anything I hoped would bring me some joy. After reading what I put on screen, however, no longer did I bash myself to bits and felt despondent. On the contrary, I was encouraged by finding I really liked it. It was an empowering feeling.

This time I knew, I was never again going to cast my words aside. For once, or after half my life expectancy, I felt my words were fine, or they were up to standard, which for me, made all the difference.

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