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by | Jun 29, 2022 | Blog Posts

A couple days ago I mentioned a “Games,” section was added to this website that will feature crossword puzzles. The subject matter pertains to my novels, influences, personal trivia, and so on.

That means expect to see puzzles with questions about authors, literature, witches and warlocks, monsters of all kinds, aliens, dark art, movies, etc. In a word, all of the stuff that I love that influenced or influences me to write the kinds of books I publish.

The puzzles’ difficulty level is easy to medium. The puzzle style is the UK style. Compared to the US style, this basically means not all or most of the words are totally interlocked.

These types of puzzles, the UK style, are, or can be a bit more challenging. However, I’m sure you can do them without having to refer to a thesaurus too much!

And now, getting to the main point of this post. Another puzzle has been posted to the website. It is entitled “Religion and Paganism.”

The fact that witches are featured in my books, plus I have an interest in reading about them, and religion in general, inspired me to create it.

Click here to play.

Going forward, because I like dark art of all kinds, including books, movies, paintings, whatever, expect to see lots more material about witches, warlocks, ghouls, gargoyles, zombies, vampires, religion, and so on, in future puzzles.

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