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by | Apr 22, 2022

What Is The Necropolis Books About?

Imagine for a moment you’re one of those people who believe death marks the end of life. Duh, but isn’t that what death is, you may be saying. Yah, but what if it isn’t?

What if death merely marks the end of one of your lives? Then, when you’ve reach that point, you transition toward your other life, the one you never believed there was?

You probably would never feel a need to or imagine anything of the sort provided you’re someone who believes in reincarnation or something along those lines. Or, maybe you simply believe in life after death. However, have you ever thought about what that afterlife might be like?

Well, that there, amongst other matters, my friend, is the chief subject with which the Necropolis books are concerned. In a word, the books are about the afterlife. In a hellish place called the underworld. With hell being the operative word.

By that, I’m not referring to burning lakes of fire. Or, I’m not merely referring to them. They do exist in the underworld. However, they are just one of the many terrors those who might find themselves there have to face. Now who might these people be? Practically everyone who’s ever lived, if you’re to read the books.

What Is The Underworld Series About?

The Underworld series is a spin-off from the Necropolis duology.

It’s prelude, Burning the Witches, which was released on April 1st, 2022, is the follow-up to the first book of the series that was published, The Fourth Tier.

You can gain access to any and all of these books provided you’re interested in checking any out in the “Books” section of my website, pennfawn.com.

The Underworld series goes much deeper into the world the Necropolis books introduced/features.

If you’ve read any of the latter, you already know it’s a place where men, also known as the fallen or the immortals, have to fend themselves off from various enemies.

They come in the form of ghouls, goblins, gargoyles, plus hostile and misanthropic tribes that are indigenous to the area. In particular, the Shetani and the Jeniyan.

Their greatest enemy of all, however, is the master of sorcery and dark arts, the necromancer, who among his other talents, can raise the dead, and by command, instruct them to do his bidding.

If you’ve never read any of the books and think it’s too late to get into it now, it’s not. I’ve only just started with the Underworld series. I still have a number of books I’ve written over the past few years that I’m yet to publish. That said, the background I’ve provided in this post is enough for anyone to get started.

But what should I read first, you might ask. My suggestion is, the Underworld books. In particular, The Fourth Tier, even though Burning The Witches is its prelude.

The Fourth Tier is packed with action while providing background on how some of the major figures featured in the Necropolis books came to acquire their power. In particular, the dark lord, Nyeusi and his partner in crime, Hellgoth.

At the same time, The Fourth Tier, will introduce you to one of the major figures on the light side of the equation. That person is the witch, Hespatia.

Hespatia is the main figure in the Burning The Witches book, and the protagonist in several books to follow. She is also the person who forged the magical jewel the Necropolis, so men, while even in such a dark place as the underworld, could have something to help protect them from their enemies and give them a sense of hope.

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