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The Necropolis Series

If you’re wary of not liking another novel that caught your attention, you can read the first part of Book One (pictured below) if you click on the book cover to your left, or above, if you’re reading this on a phone. Book One of Book One is that book’s first eight chapters. It chronicles the adventures of three of the eight men who transition to the afterlife, the underworld. It is offered as a permafree download to introduce readers to the series.

If you’re already familiar with the series and therefore know you want to read the whole story, then bypass the sample on your left and get Book One (pictured below). That one chronicles the adventures of all of the eight men who transitioned to the afterlife.

Necropolis (Book One Of The Series)

This is the first book in its entirety, all eighteen chapters, as opposed to Book One of Book One (pictured above) which is just eight chapters, or is merely the first part of the story. Book One chronicles the adventures of all of the eight men who transition to the afterlife, the underworld.

The archangel (pictured on the cover), the gargoyles, the neblikkon, a demon from the lowest depths of the underworld, and the final epic battles between men and their nemises, the Shetani, those malevolent spirits of east African mythology, not to mention the revelation of the necropolis, are in this one.

 Coming Soon, The Jeniyan (Book Two Of The Necropolis Series)

The second book of the series. It picks up the action from at the end of Book One. The synopsis is below  (No spoilers).

The Shetani, a man hating tribe within the afterlife aims to annihilate an old rival called the Jeniyan. The Shetani’s wrath is evoked after they learn the Jeniyan allowed a body of men seeking refuge a stay within their territory, but little did the men know why the Jeniyan, received them with open arms. If you like fantasy with magic, spells, sorcery, angels, beings with supernatural powers, flying dragonlike creatures, like J.R.R. Tolkien’s the fell beast, etc. then this and the other books in the series is for you.

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