Fantasy Characters Coloring Book

by | Sep 9, 2023

My first fantasy coloring book for adults is available at the Penn Fawn bookstore. This is a follow up to last month’s blog post where I stated I will be featuring such books.

In keeping with my love for anti-heroes, antagonists, and/or other cool monsters and creatures, the first volume features an assortment of villains and antagonists in pop culture, movies, and mythology.

To the right is the promotion video for the book. I invite you to check it out, since it gives more information in an exciting visual display about what you can expect to find on the pages inside.

What’s Inside

An assortment of fifty (50) dark fantasy creatures, villains, and other anti-heroes in pop culture and mythology, plus gothic buildings and spooky landscapes.

There are gargoyles, satyrs, minotaurs, dragons, werewolves, gladiators, barbarians, angels, castles, churches, graveyards, and more, with careful detail given to line thicknesses and shades for the maximum coloring experience.

This is a coloring book by someone who understands what are some of the issues colorists have with many modern day coloring books. Issues such as:

  • Some colorists don’t care for grayscale images. This book has none.
  • Some people don’t like art where the designs are too complex or intricate because it leaves them little room to color and be creative.
  • Some people don’t like coloring books where the page behind the art is black, especially if it’s printed on lower quality paper. Why? Becasue the impression that’s left after coloring an image leaves ink residue from the black backpage onto the image on the following page.
  • Paper quality for hobbyists or serious colorists are always something to consider. Basically, you pay for what you get. Chances are, the cheaper the book price means it was probably printed on lower quality paper.

This coloring book was made with all of these issues and more in mind and aimed to address them. If you’re interested in learning more about it, do check out the promotional video on the right.

You can get your copy of the Fantasy Characters and Villains coloring book if you click here.

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