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by | Jun 2, 2023


By chance are you interested in checking out the art and graphics I create for my books, and others I do just for fun too?

If your answer is yes, then follow me on Pinterest. I have all kinds of fantasy art there. Most of it is  dark and macabre for fans of that type of art. If you click here, the link will take you directly to that page.

If you like dragons, gargoyles, gorgons like Medusa, creatures like Banshees, etc. like I do, then you most certainly may want to check out and follow me on Pinterest.

I also have videos there. Shorts. So do check that out as well. Click here for a direct link to the page:

Also, please share this information or the link to this page with any of your friends who might also be into dark fantasy.

Tell them it’s from that author you might not have heard about yet, the one with a love for writing stories about hell, damnation, fear, terror, torment, and such other pleasantries that his heroes and heroines have to face.

As always, thanks for reading this blog post, and thanks for your support.

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Front and inside pages from the second edition of The Underworld, The Fantasy Realms of Penn Fawn. Click here or on any of the images from more information.

Fantasy Coloring Book For Adults

From September 1st 2023, the Penn Fawn bookstore will begin featuring coloring books for adults. In keeping with my love for dark and/or macabre stories and art, the first volume will feature an assortment of villains and antagonists from pop culture and mythology. On the right is the cover from...

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The Underworld

The second edition of The Underworld, The Fantasy Realms of Penn Fawn, will available on June 15th. Like the first edition, for the most part, it will be a small picture book, meaning it will be the size and texture of a standard comic. It will be printed from the same kind of paper and stapled...

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The Burglar

Last month I told you I had a new short story coming out next entitled The Burglar. I'm happy to report is available now. Click here to get it from Amazon.Click here to get it from several other online retailers. The Burglar one of a few I will publish over the next few months that represents a...

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