Gargoyles and the Goatlord

by | Jun 16, 2022

The second book of the Underworld Series is entitled Gargoyles and the Goatlord. I’m currently editing it, which will take a while, given my current workload. When I’m done, I have to send it to my proofreader/editor for another round of edits. Then I have to go over those, then edit the book again. So, I don’t have a release date for G&G yet. Let it suffice to know at least it’s already written.

If you’ve read any of the Underworld and Necropolis books, in particular, The Fourth Tier and Necropolis, Book One, I don’t have to tell you gargoyles are featured in both. More so in the latter book, towards its end. Although they play a major part in the Fourth Tier also. In that book, they are the ones who led the protagonist, the witch Hespatia, plus her peers to a bottomless pit, thinking this could only lead to an exceedingly terrifying end, and their eventual demise.

I also don’t have to tell those of you who’ve read The Fourth Tier or Necropolis that men are not the apex predator in the afterlife. Nor are they top of the food chain. Or king of the hill, so to speak. On the contrary. They are the despised and the hunted, what tribes indigenous to the underworld, plus other creatures and mythical beasts, including gargoyles, call the scourge.

G&G features life from the perspective of those other creatures. Especially gargoyles, plus the goatlord, a half-man, half-goat, mythological creature, I am yet to introduce to readers.

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