Necropolis Update

by | Aug 2, 2022

For those of you who are already subscribed to my newsletter, plus you read yesterday’s post, this comes as somewhat old news. Or, an update, is perhaps the better way to describe it.

In that newsletter, I mentioned I’ve been working on a glossary for my first book release, Necropolis. I’m proud to announce the glossary has been completed and included in the latest version of the novel.

That version has now been upload to Amazon, plus all of the other major online book retailers. The book’s cover has not been changed, however. Therefore, those of you who may be familiar with what it looks like, plus it may have drawn some curiosity from you, are invited to click here to check it out.

The decision to include a glossary was something I decided to do because the book has many characters and locales.

Some readers who left reviews reported at times having difficulty keeping up with who is who. I’m up to twenty-four reviews now at Amazon and counting. It never hurts to get more, so why not click here to leave one? I would really appreciate it.

I got the idea of including a glossary after reading the introduction to another series of epic fantasy writings by J.R.R. Tolkien entitled the Silmarillion. Aside from the Bible, the greatest fantasy book of all time, if you ask me, Tolkien’s work happens to be one of the major influences that propelled me to write this novel.

His son Christopher, who along with Guy Gavriel Kay, edited the book and saw that it also contained several characters with many names of exotic places. Taken together, this posed a challenge for readers to keep up with, so they created and included an index.

I did not go so far, but as I’ve stated, I decided to work on a glossary for inclusion to the Necropolis. It’s now a done deal..

As always, thanks for your support.

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