New Penn Fawn Book

by | Sep 14, 2022

A new book by Your’s Truly will be out some time within the next two weeks.

It will, for the most part, be a small picture book, which I should further define. By small is meant it will be the size and texture of a standard comic book. It will be printed from the same kind of paper and stapled down the middle, just like your standard comic.

A PDF and/or other version that you can read on a computer, phone, tablet, etc. will also be available.

It will mostly contain graphics, because it is meant to depict the characters and places featured in the four novels I’ve published to date. It will also feature images pertaining to the next two novels that will follow.

Below is a copy of the text that will be used to promote it:

The Fantasy Realms of Penn Fawn, 1st Edition, is a compilation of graph­ic art meant to introduce readers to the dark fantasy world and novels of the author. It features the characters and exotic places featured in his published novels plus a couple of those that are yet to be released. Expect to find images of gargoyles, angels, plus other mythological figures and dark and exotic locales on the pages inside.

Almost all of the “illustrations” plus the one on the front cover, are graphics created to look like a cross between a photo and a colored drawing or painting.

Aside from providing character depictions and visualizations of locales, that’s as far as the graphics go regarding being illustrative. In other words, they are not drawings, sketches, or paintings. Yup, your eyes don’t deceive you, or you heard that right.

What’s even more interesting is, ninety-nine percent of the art was not created by a human. An artificial intelligence robot constructed them. Yah, again, your eyes don’t deceive you, or you heard that right.

If for nothing else, once it’s out, I invite you to grab a copy of the illustrated works to see what’s possible using AI in this day an age. Personally, I find this to be nothing short of astounding.

The days when one had to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to commission an artist(s) to do art for your book covers or what have you, does indeed seem like it’s going to largely be a thing of the past. Doubt me? Then, once it’s available, check out the illustrated works to see what I mean. It will enlighten you in more ways than one.

As always, thanks for reading this blog post, and thanks for your support.

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