Serialized Fiction

by | Dec 5, 2019

Book One of Book One In Serial Form

Reading a book published in serial form is tons of fun. This is especially true if you caught on to a writer or piece of work you’ve never heard of and this grabs your interest.

Those chapters that may end in a cliffhanger are killers. It’s the stuff that really arouses interest in reading more of what’s to come.

I am publishing Book I of the first book in serial form and then I will make everything available as a free download at the major online distributors.

You have several options where on the web you can go to read additional chapters (more than the two I posted at this website) plus engage in other activities like posting reviews, or become a fan, or a follower, and so on.

I have posted the links below. I will keep updating them as soon as I find other good or suitable book lover hangout spots in which to post.





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