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The Books

In Penn Fawn’s second short story, Solo, its main character, was the only book of its kind its author self-published shortly before he died.

Concern about his own mortality prompted Solo to plot an escape from a paper recycling facility he was taken to, after his deceased author’s apartment was cleared, and his books, amongst his other possessions, were either given away, or in Solo’s case, was left for garbage collectors to dispose of.

This marked the beginning of a daring adventure in which he eventually found a home at the Brooklyn Public Library, a place where his adventure didn’t end, but rather, only just began.

There was hardly anyone in Brooklyn, or its city, a placed called New York, or the state, which was also called New York, or the entire country, for that matter, that knew once a book was created, call it bound, that it was alive,” the author wrote. 

. . . books flapped their pages like butterflies do. The thing is, they were very secretive about it. Exceedingly so.

It enabled them to levitate, plus they could steer themselves in whatever direction they had a mind to go.

They always waited until it was some ungodly hour of the night or early morning when no one was around before they felt it was safest to fly. This way, their secret would never be discovered.

The Books is scheduled for release by July 15th.

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The Burglar

The Burglar, Penn Fawn’s first short story, and the 1st place winner of the Literary Titan’s Book Award, is urban fiction, aka street literature, which is known for being set in a city landscape featuring a dark mood or tone.

The Burglar is that with a twist. The culprit’s inexperience, gitters, and nerves are at the forefront of what pushes this daring tale forward, where his name, and almost nothing about his identity is ever disclosed. An examination of his mindset is what brings this fast paced action feature to its twisted end.

The Burglar is the opening tale from a series of other short form writings I plan to individually release. They will then be published as a compilation.

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