I’m glad you made it.

If you like your fantasy a bit more on the dark side you’ve come to the right place.

Looking for a story more speculative or infused with a literary bent versus one merely intended to ‘wow’ with its magical world?

Looking for a one a bit different from a landscape populated by your usual wizards, dragons, mythical creatures, etc.? Again, you’ve come to the right place. That said, you’ll find some very recognizable characters here. Which ones? I won’t tell because I don’t want to provide any spoilers. 

Looking for a story in which there’s more than meets the eye, or more to it than a literal reading of the plot? Again, you’ve come to the right place. If you haven’t done so already, I invite you to click here to learn more about what it’s about.

Hopefully, you’ll at least read the first two chapters of Book One to see if the series appears to be the kind of narrative that’s up your alley. I sure hope it is.

Book One of Book One
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