If you like books with dark themes or subjects not written by ghostwriters on which a celebrity author affixed his or her name, you’ve come to the right place.

By that I mean here you can find longer works for the self-indulgent reading enthusiast. These are individual titles, some over 100,000 words, or much more, if they are part of a series, into wild and imaginative fantasy realms for an indulgence of epic proportion.

As of this date, the available novels are an amalgam of action and adventure, dark fantasy, and horror. However, don’t take what you just read at face value. Instead, why not sample or read a little bit of what’s available at a time instead to see if what was mentioned is true?

Why not sample, starting with just one chapter, then move on to another sample chapter or more if so desired, to determine whether the stories are to your taste and liking? It won’t cost you anything.

The samples are free downloads you’ll have the option to grab and read on whatever is your preferred eReading device or app. Sounds good? It’s the best way to determine whether the stories are to your liking, or worth investing your precious time indulging in.

CLICK HERE or on the graphic to download a sample chapter.

If you’re already familiar with my work and you know you want to read more than just a sample of what’s available, then go to the “Books” section of this website to see what books are free or currently available.

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