The Golden Mirage

by | Nov 6, 2023

The Golden Mirage: An Update

The latest news about the third book of The Underworld series, The Golden Mirage, is I’ve finished writing it. The next step is for me to complete the first round of many edits then send the manuscript to my editor/proofreaders. As of this writing, I’m pretty close to getting it ready for them though. All of this means that the book is on schedule to be released by early next year. Ideally, by January. I already have the description ready, which you can read below.

Book Description

The Golden Mirage, the third book of the Underworld series, chronicles the journey of several men who did not know there is life after death. Far less did they have any idea how terrifying that afterlife is, a staple characteristic in Penn Fawn’s dark fantasy novels.

What’s new is the author introduces readers to the character Lilith, a name that will ring a bell for those familiar with Judaic mythology, while giving a much more thorough examination of a factor that eternally torments couples with a romantic or intimate interest in each other.

That factor is the chastity curse. A phenomenon unique to Fawn’s hellish world of life after death, first mentioned in his debut novel, Necropolis.

The curse is one where couples discover any attempt to make love proves to be so exceedingly painful that it prompts them to abandon their amorous intent near instantaneously.

Above left: A deceptively young and alluring Lilith under the full influence of her black magic. Above middle: A middle aged Lilith with her hair dyed black to cover the gray ones. Above right: Lilith, as she really is, with her orb of power and her gray hair dyed black. Above extreme right: Lilith atop her dark steed, Beauty.

Enter the promiscuous and polyamorous Lilith, the renowned she-demon, or the first wife of Adam, who was banished from the Garden of Eden. Lilith is the only known individual with the power to nullify the effects of the chastity curse.

She is featured here as an extremely powerful witch queen, and ruler of The Haven, the utopian paradise many of the underworld’s residents discovered was no myth.

But was it really a utopia? This is what the characters, including the good witch Hespatia, from the previous two books of the series, plus her peers, will find out.

With the underworld being a place filled with danger and hostility, collectively what they longed for, above all else, was to find a location where they could safely and comfortably live and thrive. No one was more aware of this than Lilith, thus she presented them with an offer they could hardly refuse.

In this tale of desire and deception, however, her offer was one where they found themselves being lured deeper and deeper into her enchanted realm. One in which her desire for ultimate power and domination knew no boundaries.

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