The Underworld Series

by | May 29, 2021

What is it?

It is the next series of books to be released by yours truly, Penn Fawn. If you’ve read the Necropolis novels then you saw the underworld mentioned several times throughout those books.

For the deceased, the underworld represents a terrifying awakening. It is where men who believe after they die they will sleep in eternal peace go, as opposed to being in a state where they are forever at rest, forever robbed of being conscious. In the underworld, the contrary is true.

The underworld is the place not only where men have only just begun to live or continue living. It is where they live eternally provided they are not mortally wounded. The thing is, who would want to live in such a horrible place? Hell on steroids.

If you were there, chances are YOU would! This, even after being exposed to the kind of horrors there. How come? Chances are you wouldn’t sit back and let the terrifying forces vying to get at you be successful in doing so. This is the predicament the characters have found themselves in.

Death in the underworld ain’t no easy thing to come by. Find yourself there, and you won’t be getting off that easy.

After coming to this realization, the men, aka the fallen, aka the immortals, begin a quest for self-preservation all over again, just like they did in their previous life.

I realize for those who are yet to read any of the books and may be interested, this reads like a spoiler. That said, for the most part, the books are of epic size. As of this writing, most are over 100,000 words, so what I’ve mentioned is merely scratching the surface of what’s within the narratives.

That said, in closing, I think it’s not too much to add, where Dante’s Inferno has nine circles or levels of hell, in the underworld, there are four. The fourth one is the deepest and darkest realm. It is the home of the necromancer, the underworld’s dark lord and chief practitioner of black magic and sorcery so often mentioned in the Necropolis books.

That’s it for now. And now you know a bit more about what’s to come in the spin-off follow-up series.

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