The Underworld

by | May 31, 2023

The second edition of The Underworld, The Fantasy Realms of Penn Fawn, will available on June 15th.

Like the first edition, for the most part, it will be a small picture book, meaning it will be the size and texture of a standard comic. It will be printed from the same kind of paper and stapled down the middle, just like your standard comic. A PDF and/or other version that you can read on a computer, phone, tablet, etc. will also be available.

This book, like its earlier version, is a compilation of graph­ic art meant to introduce readers to the dark fantasy world and novels of the author. It features the characters and exotic places featured in his published novels plus those that are yet to be released. Expect to find images of gargoyles, pixies, plus other mythological creatures and dark and exotic locales on the pages inside.

This second edition is not a rehash of the first with a couple pieces of updated graphic art thrown in here and there for good measure.

The main similarity between both editions is, they serve as a companion guide for new readers plus those who are already familiar with Penn Fawn and his work. A small portion of text from the first edition appears in the second, but that’s about where the similarity ends.

Like the first edition, this one is a work in progress. It will continuously be updated after the publication of the rest of the books in the series. All subsequent editions will be built on the character depictions and exotic places featured within the novels.

To reiterate, this second edition is an entirely new book. Fans, readers, or collectors interested in keeping up with all things Penn Fawn should get both, since the information and the art from the first edition to the second are not the same.

As always, thanks for reading this blog post, and thanks for your support.

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