The Vampires

by | Jan 11, 2024

Vampires Got Next

The next book or series of them from me will be about vampires. My initial plan was to write just one, but now that into it I’m getting all kinds of ideas about how to approach the thing. So, it is truly a work in progress.

When I began writing it, I felt I was pretty close to having under wraps how it should begin and end. Now, not so much. Every day I see that there are all kinds of ways I can go with my original idea to make it much more involved and interesting.

I can tell you this much about it for sure, however. The location, like all of my other dark fantasy books to date, is within the underworld.

Some Background

The underworld, for those who are new to finding out about my books, is a place in the afterlife where most men go after they depart this earthly plane. The exception to this is children. In other words, those with a pure heart, or who were yet to be corrupted by the whims and fancies of grown-ups.

This is featured in my first two novels (a duology) Necropolis and The Jeniyan. The spin-off/followup books of The Underworld Series go into the history that came before the chronicles in that two-part series.

So the location of all of the published books to date is within the underworld. The vampire book(s) will be no exception.

The underworld is a realm that is populated by dark and frightening creatures, characters, and entities that have their geographic or territorial regions, just like here on this earthly plane, men and all of the planet’s creatures, have theirs.

Again, the underworld is populated by demons and various terrifying entities, including vampires.

It is in this hellish realm that men are downcast following their demise. It is where they struggle to find and/or establish places where they can safely live, thrive, and ideally have a life without having to worry so much about how very frightening it is or could be.

My Necropolis duology introduced readers to the lands of the murderous man-hating tribes of the underworld. Namely, the Shetani and the Jeniyan, plus it features the dark lord of lords, the necromancer. The Underworld books introduced readers to the lands and territory of the gargoyles and the goatlord, a satyr or half-man, half-goat creature, plus the she-demon/witch Lilith. My vampire book(s) will introduce readers to the territory within the underworld in which the vampires thrive.


I haven’t advanced a ton with the writing but what I’ve done so far is coming along nicely. I added some more vampire art as I envision them to my Pinterest Page. Please click here to check that out.

Thank you.

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