Who Is Lilith?

by | May 31, 2024

If you do a Google search for who Lilith is, you’ll find lots of information that depicts her in various ways. Few, if any of them are positive. This passionately and maddeningly attracted me to her given that I am the world’s biggest fan of the antagonist in drama.

Make no mistake about it, it is the bad guys in your books, movies or what have you, or life period, who help make it more interesting. They are the source of, or they embody what is critical to creating worthwhile creative or dramatic art. This is called conflict, the major challenge or obstacle the hero must get past to achieve his goal and bring the act to its resolution.

So my novels, as some of you already know, have stereotypically very powerful dark characters. Thus, in seeking a female for my lead for the third book of The Underworld Series, I couldn’t think of any I loved more than Lilith.

So, who is she?

Lilith with her orb of power.

Jewish Folklore

In Jewish folklore, she is depicted as a dangerous demon of the night, associated with the seduction of men and the killing of newborn children.

I especially liked knowing she is a seductress, which is why I made her a sexually insatiable polyamorous bisexual in the third novel of my Underworld Series entitled, The Golden Mirage, whose description, provided you’ve never done so, you may find worthwhile to read. Clicking here will enable you to do so.

Getting back to the historical record, in the Alphabet of Ben-Sira, which according to the Jewish Virtual Library, is one of the earliest, most complicated, and most sophisticated Hebrew stories written in the Middle Ages, Lilith was the first wife of Adam. Created from the same earth as him, she refused to be subservient to his wishes, thus she was banished from the Garden of Eden.

Medieval and Renaissance Literature

Demonology: During the medieval period, Lilith’s characterization as a demoness became more widespread in European folklore. She was often linked with witchcraft and was considered a succubus. Regarding being a succubus. Here again, I took great delight in this demonic sexualized depiction of her. I loved it and felt I had to do my part to have her archetype or spirit live on, which brings me to modern or more contemporary depictions.

Modern Interpretations

Feminist Symbol: Lilith has been reinterpreted as a symbol of female empowerment and independence, often celebrated in feminist literature and movements.

My Take

In my books, she is the spirit of a witch who survived ancient times and continues to live on. She belongs to a dark order of sorcerers and black magic practitioners within the afterlife, of which entities like the necromancer is one. She and they reside within the underworld, the location within which my fantasy novels are based.

More Lilith Art

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Lilith with her beloved steed, Beauty.

Excerpted from The Golden Mirage
Chapter II ♠ The Meadow

Aside from her snakes, Lilith’s other pet was a type of animal that could not be found anywhere near where she lived. Such creatures weren’t native to the region, which perhaps partially explained why she was so enamored with hers.

That animal in question was a black steed, and if the truth be told, it was a mightily impressive and remarkable-looking specimen. One with muscles that rippled under its dark coat, which glistened in the sunlight.

Perhaps if it weren’t for it, this woman who loved when it was overcast and dark, as much as she loved the interior of her windowless room, wouldn’t have faced the light of day as much as she did.

When she ventured out, it was almost always to spend time with her beloved Beauty, which is the name she’d given to the stallion.

She spoke to it in a doting manner, not unlike a parent does to a child, and she took him for daily rides on the massive stretch of meadow adjacent to the castle compound.

She went unaccompanied. Or, to put it another way, with no one to cast a caring and watchful eye, in the event something unforeseen happened to her while out on her daily joy ride. But then again, she was the only one at the compound who had a horse. Plus, when she was with him, she didn’t want any company anyway. So out onto the meadow she’d go, atop Beauty, who’d canter to and fro.

If you’re not sure if you want to get The Golden Mirage, but you’d be interested in reading the first chapter of it to see if it suits your fancy, I suggest getting this little reading companion guide below with the gargoyle on the cover entitled, The Underworld, The Fantasy Realms of Penn Fawn (2nd Edition). The last chapter of it contains the first chapter that was excerpted from The Golden Mirage. You can download The Underworld for free if you click here.

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